Android malware disguises itself as a system update


A new Android malware pretends to be a system update and displays appropriate notifications. In fact, it is a special type of spyware capable of stealing data and images from messenger services. The malware could also allow attackers to take full control of an infected Android smartphone, as reported by “Bleeping Computer”. The malware was found by a team of researchers from the Texan IT security service provider Zimperium.

With the malware, the attackers could record phone calls, take photos, view browser history, monitor the device’s GPS location, access WhatsApp messages and much more. The spyware does not spread via the Google Play Store, but only via “system update” apps from third-party providers.

Criminal hackers recently succeeded in manipulating the PHP project’s Git server. They should have built a back door into the source code of the programming interface. The developers immediately changed the server.

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Android malware disguises system update


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