Angela Merkel asks citizens for forgiveness


NAfter the massive criticism of the Easter resolutions of the Bund-Länder Round at the beginning of the week, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) decided to stop the Bund-Länder decision on the so-called extended Easter rest. The decision was “a mistake” and will be withdrawn, said Merkel on Wednesday after further consultations with the Prime Minister at a press conference in Berlin at short notice.

Merkel took personal and sole responsibility. “This mistake is solely my fault. Because in the end I have the ultimate responsibility for everything. Qua office, that’s the way it is. ”The Chancellor said she knew that this process would trigger additional uncertainty among the population. “I deeply regret that and for that I ask the citizens for forgiveness.” The idea of ​​an Easter hutdown “came about with the best of intentions,” she added. Still, it was a mistake. “It had its good reasons, but could not be implemented well enough in the short time it took. If at some point it can be implemented in such a way that the effort and benefit are in an appropriate relationship. “

Too many questions, from continued payment of wages to the situation in shops and companies, could not have been solved in the way that was necessary, said Merkel. “A mistake must be named as a mistake and corrected. If possible, in good time. ”Merkel thanked everyone who contributed to stopping the third wave with their behavior. The measures adopted would provide a framework for this. She is deeply convinced that Germany will defeat the virus together. “The path is hard and rocky, marked by successes and setbacks. But the virus will slowly but surely lose its horror. “

Basically, the Chancellor defended the rounds with the countries as a steering committee in the Corona crisis. There are very many and very good joint decisions with the Prime Minister, said Merkel on Wednesday in the Bundestag during a government survey that followed shortly after her press conference and had been planned for a long time. “We will also talk to each other again about improving the way we work (…).” This was what was discussed in the federal-state consultations on Wednesday. As in parliament, there is expertise in the federal and state governments. “This is what characterizes our federal system.”

Merkel also emphasized the respective responsibilities of the federal and state governments in crisis management. “Every level in democracy has its responsibility.” The federal government can support a lot, but not do everything. “The distribution of self-tests in schools is really not one of the tasks that a federal government can do,” said the Chancellor, referring to the states and municipalities. The federal states had declared that their needs (…) had been met when the tests were ordered. “We always reorder if the countries think they need more of the tests.”

In the plenary session, Merkel kept a decision open to oblige companies to provide rapid tests for their employees. At the moment this is done on a voluntary basis. Merkel pointed out that employers wanted to submit statistics on participation by the beginning of April. “We are ready to implement regulatory measures if the participation is not sufficient,” said Merkel. “I consider the self-tests in the companies to be extremely important.”

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Regarding demands that the Bundestag should decide directly on the Corona procedure, the CDU politician referred to a general tension between the federal government and the states. When it comes to infection protection, the federal states have a large number of options that they also want to make use of – nationwide or depending on the district. If the Bundestag passed a step-by-step plan, it would not be so easy. This would then also have to be accepted by the Federal Council

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Angela Merkel asks citizens forgiveness


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