Angela Merkel cannot prevail in the fight against Corona


Angela Merkel in the Bundestag during the debate “Epidemic situation of national scope”, one day after the federal-state summit
Image: Jens

The entire structure with which the federal and state governments wanted to cope with the pandemic has cracked. Germany is experiencing a new form of political loss of control.

Band and countries have come up with something new. You have put a graphic in front of your latest decision on how to deal with the corona pandemic. This is not just any gimmick, this is an admission. Gradually it becomes difficult even for those who regularly and intensively study the individual measures against the spread of the virus. Even those who now use terms such as seven-day incidence, non-contact sport and body-hugging services effortlessly from waking up to falling asleep can lose track of what is allowed and what is forbidden, when, under which circumstances.

There can be no one and final master plan with which every restaurateur can calculate exactly how many guests he is allowed to serve until the next Christmas goose. Because nobody knows whether a new virus mutation is heading towards Germany during a federal-state meeting that is making plans, the beautiful idea of ​​an all-inclusive “roadmap out of the pandemic” is unfortunately nonsense. The five steps that have now been decided to open it up to April are also wasted the moment the virus gets out of hand.

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Angela Merkel prevail fight Corona


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