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The celebrity couple is once again causing trouble on social media: The posting of their corona vaccination does not go down well with users.

The celebrity couple Carmen (55) and Robert Geiss (57) jump from one faux pas to the next. Most recently, the waves went up on Carmen’s Instagram channel because the millionaire’s wife published a child’s photo in which, as a little girl, she hugged a drugged lion cub. Only a short time later, she and her husband of the gods, Robert, once again received the wrath of the social media community. And that although they actually only wanted to show their exemplary side by posting their corona vaccination.

Geiss goes to “drink beer” after vaccination

“Everyone should get vaccinated so that this Covid finally comes to an end,” explains Carmen Geiss in a video message to her fans that she recorded shortly before her vaccination in her adopted home Monaco. In contrast to Germany, where the vaccination campaign is currently stalling due to a rigid sequence and a lack of vaccines, here you no longer have to wait for your dose. Robert is also thrilled that he finally gets his syringe with the Biontech protection. “So what do we do with it now?” he grins cheerfully at the camera behind a mask. “We’re going to have a beer.”

Net rages after vaccination posting

The happy mood should evaporate very quickly if the millionaire takes a look at the comments under his post. Because a digital thunderstorm has been raging there for a long time. “Since when have 50-year-olds been allowed to be vaccinated?” an indignant user asks himself. “Are there no priorities?” Another user should have found the right answer for himself. “They don’t need that, they have the necessary money and privileges,” he hisses in the direction of the luxury couple. “One should still say that everyone is the same,” one is annoyed elsewhere. “Even my mother, aged 85, still has no appointment. Words fail me.”

It is not the first time that the Geissens have got into trouble during the corona crisis. Many critics are not only bothered by the fact that the family is jetting through the world during the ongoing pandemic, but also that they celebrate their lifestyle so carefree on social media at such times. It probably doesn’t help if you want to set a good example with a vaccination.

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