“Anniversary meeting” against the Corona measures: lateral thinker demo leads directly past the vaccination center – Berlin


© Julius Geiler

Constanze Nauhaus

Julius Geiler

Conspiracy ideologues and neo-Nazis: Hundreds of participants protested against the Corona measures again on Sunday. A vaccination center closed for a short time.

A demonstration by opponents of the corona policy was declared prematurely ended by the applicant on Sunday shortly after 3 p.m. The police spoke of repeated violations of the conditions. It was supposed to be the “anniversary meeting” of the lateral thinker scene – a year ago today, the first “hygiene demonstration” took place. Then it was over in Chausseestrasse, the police took dozens of personal details.

When asked how it came about that such a demonstration was allowed to pass a vaccination center, the spokeswoman still had no answer. One is still in the process of clarifying this and has not yet received an opinion from the emergency services.

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Anniversary meeting Corona measures lateral thinker demo leads vaccination center Berlin


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