Anthering: Three dead in a horror accident


In the traffic accident in the Acharting district, all three occupants of an Audi A3 were killed on Friday evening. Two people were thrown from the vehicle, and a third victim had to be rescued from the wreck with rescue shears.

Three dead in a crash on B156

An emergency doctor could only determine the death of the three casualties. None of the men – two Salzburgers aged 25 and 29 and a 36-year-old German – were buckled up, and none of them had a valid driver’s license, according to the police. Alcohol tests could not be carried out so far. According to the current state of investigation, a reference to the local tuning scene can also be excluded.

Car crashes into anthering against tree

The car had come off the road for an unknown reason and hit a tree. A second vehicle was not involved, a third-party fault was excluded, according to a spokeswoman on APA request. Which of the three was the driver of the accident was initially unclear.

The road had to be completely closed by the authorities for three hours. The fire brigades from Anthering and Nussdorf were in action with six vehicles and around 40 men.

(Source: APA / SALZBURG24)

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Anthering dead horror accident


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