Antitrust authorities give the go-ahead for Microsoft to take over Bethesda


Updated March 9, 2021, 3:18 pm

  • The antitrust authorities finally give the go-ahead for Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda.
  • By swallowing the renowned developer studio, Microsoft is massively strengthening its position in the gaming segment.
  • “Deathloop” appears first on the PS5, but what about the exclusivity of “Starfield”, “Fallout”, The Elder Scrolls 6 “?

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The US antitrust authority SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and the EU Commission have finally waved through Microsoft’s 7.5 billion dollar takeover of the Bethesda developer studio. The entire acquisition will probably take place until the end of the year, but it is already becoming apparent what the first effects of one of the most spectacular takeovers in the history of the gaming industry will be.

The promise still applies that Bethesda may remain an independent company. Layoffs are also not planned. In a joint online presentation in March, both companies want to reveal where the joint journey is going.

New game information only in June?

The journalist Jeff Grubb speculated on Twitter: He assumes that in March it will be more about inside information about the takeover, as well as about which Bethesda games will be included in the Game Pass subscription. The exciting news for players about specific games will probably not follow until June, according to the thesis of the industry insider Grubb.

What speaks for it: While from a gamer’s point of view it takes a lot of patience to wait for news about ambitious role-playing projects such as “Starfield”, the next “Fallout” spin-off or “The Elder Scrolls 6”, the planning is for the summer from a business perspective already very close. At least one thing is already known: The action hit “Deathloop” will first appear on PS5 and Windows PC, while Xbox users will probably have to wait a whole year. Why is that so despite the takeover? The deal between Bethesda and Sony was already in the towel before the acquisition.

Jason Ronald, Director of Program Management at Xbox, indicated in the “Iron Lords” podcast that Xbox disciples still have reason to be excited. His statement caused a stir that “not all the games that will be released this year have already been announced”.

That immediately sparked speculation on forums like Reddit. Among other things, the community dreams of the fifth part of the motorsport simulation “Forza Horizon” or a new first-person shooter from the “Wolfenstein” series. Whether the latter is plausible remains questionable, but the prognosis that among the surprise titles that Jason Ronald alluded to, not a few should come from the newly acquired Bethesda company, is obvious. (ch)
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Antitrust authorities give goahead Microsoft Bethesda


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