Apple releases urgent security update for iPhones and iPads


Apple released an urgent security update for iOS on Friday evening. As “DerStandard” writes, it closes a gap in Apple’s browser engine Webkit. A malicious website or script could use it to access information from other open websites. Apple warns that this loophole may already be actively exploited.

The updates are available in the versions iOS and iPadOS 14.4.2. IOS 12.5.2 is available for download for older devices and there is also version 7.3.3 for WatchOS. According to Apple, two employees from the Google Threat Analysis Group discovered the vulnerability.

According to “Heise”, the current update is already the second security patch in March. IOS 14.4.1 also had to close a serious vulnerability in Webkit. With Macs and Windows devices, consumers and companies also need to be more cautious: never before have there been so many new malware threats for these devices as in 2020.

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Apple releases urgent security update iPhones iPads


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