Apple shares currently: Apple is gaining momentum


The share recently traded with gains. In XETRA trading, it rose 0.9 percent to EUR 102.84. The Apple share marked the daily high at EUR 103.16. At the start of the bell, the share stood at EUR 103.16. In the course of trading to date, 2,876 Apple shares have been offered for purchase or sale via XETRA.

The share reached its 52-week high on January 27, 2021 at EUR 119.70. On April 3, 2020, the share fell to EUR 54.73 and thus fell to a 52-week low.

The average target price of Apple shares is quoted at $ 138.11. According to analysts, Apple’s balance sheet should show earnings of $ 4.68 per share in 2022.

Apple Inc. is a leading global technology company. The company develops, manufactures and sells self-contained end-to-end electronic products such as mobile devices, computers and portable music players. In addition, Apple sells the associated software, peripherals, network products as well as digital content and apps. The company’s best-known hardware products include the iPhone series of smartphones, the iPad tablet products, the Mac series of desktop computers and notebooks, the various versions of the iPod portable music player, the Apple Watch and the Apple TV service or the Apple Music streaming service. Digital content and apps can be purchased through the company’s iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore or Mac App Store. Apple products are sold in Apple Stores as well as through the company’s online store and through third-party vendors.

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Apple shares Apple gaining momentum


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