Archdiocese of Cologne – comparison of abuse reports – politics



Matthias Drobinski and Annette Zoch, Cologne

Diagonally to the left under the crucified Christ sits a brawny security guard on a chair that is much too small. He has a radio in his vest pocket and looks sternly into the hall in the Maternushaus in Cologne. Nobody should take photos here, electronic devices are forbidden, only handwritten notes are allowed. Since Thursday it has been possible to inspect the abuse report of the Munich law firm Westpfahl Spilker Wastl (WSW) for the Archdiocese of Cologne for a good week under strict conditions, the time window for reading is 90 minutes. There is a copy on each of the ten tables distributed in the hall, filed in a thick white folder. Next to it, right away: the second report by the criminal lawyer Björn Gercke, which, unlike the WSW report, was published last week. In addition, a report by Professors Jahn / Streng, which attested methodological deficiencies in the WSW report, and a comparison of the two reports by Professor Heinz Schöch. Thousands of pages on sexual violence – a horror reading room.

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Archdiocese Cologne comparison abuse reports politics


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