Are You the One: Oliver Pocher destroys presenter Sophia Thomalla with one sentence


3rd season on the march!

Oliver Pocher finds Sophia Thomalla “Assi” (photo montage)

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Sophia Thomalla (31) moderates the 2nd season “Are You the One”. She takes over the role from her predecessor – Jan Köppen (37) – and the viewers like that.

Cologne – The TVNOW program “Are You the One” is currently in its 2nd season. Discuss in their podcast “Die Pochers” Oliver Pocher (43) and Amira Pocher (28) the current season. In this dating show, 20 singles have to find out who their perfect match is. For this, behind the scenes psychologists have used various tests to determine which candidates are intended for each other. All in all, the show is a mix of “Love Island” and “Big Brother”.

The first season was presented by Jan Köppen (37), also known from “Ninja Warrior”. Sophia Thomalla (31) was relatively well received by the Pochers, because she fits perfectly into the group. The current season “Are You the One” is a lot less level than the first. So a moderator is needed for this, who can handle such a lack of level well (Read here: Are You the One: Fans disappointed – even less level than the first season).

Sophia Thomalla warns fans “The following program is not suitable for viewers with moral values” and manages to ridicule the contestants’ problems and dramas, which is very entertaining for the fans of the show. Because while you get excited about the candidates, you are happy when Sophia Thomalla enters the screen and pokes the candidates with funny questions.

One that is tattooed and a bit more assertive, that’s better

Oliver Pocher in the “Die Pochers” podcast

The Pocher couple agree: the model is definitely the better cast for this show. In the end, Amira thought Jan Köppen was too fond of this format. And the fans are also enthusiastic about the moderation and congratulate her on the third season.

As a moderator, I don’t think anyone can hold a candle to you on the show. Chapeau

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Sophia Thomalla will not leave the TV screens anytime soon and there will certainly be a third season “Are You the One”. However, the current season will still run for a few weeks (read here: Are You The One 2021 (RTL): Watch the broadcast dates on TV or watch all episodes for free on TVNOW).

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Oliver Pocher destroys presenter Sophia Thomalla sentence


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