“Arrived in the comfort zone”: That is why Heinz von Heiden is leaving as a 96 jersey sponsor


Mr. Mensching, after seven years Heinz von Heiden is leaving 96 as the main and jersey sponsor. Why?


We have clearly exceeded our goals, as all the data analyzes show. At some point people know you in football. We have arrived in our comfort zone, we have to move out of that now.


We also sponsored the Eisbären Berlin for four years and were present on our shirts and shoulders. Ice hockey, soccer – this is a very masculine sport. We want to break new ground and focus on women, especially families.

In 2020 you added another 96 season – as an emergency aid?

That coincided with the Corona uncertainty. It was a win-win situation. We had an extra year to build and consolidate our brand awareness, and 96 it helped to buy a year to find a successor.

The 96 home kit through the ages:

The 96 jersey through the ages.


What role does relegation play in this?

To appear in the Bundesliga with the 96 logo has a completely different radiance than to be mentioned in the same breath as Sandhausen in the second division without wanting to offend the club. We have the advantage of having been in the Bundesliga – and now we are on the road with 96 in other cities that are more rural, such as Sandhausen, where lots can still be found.

Transfer fees and player salaries are falling – will sponsors also pay less in the future?

That’s what I’m expecting. Premium clubs like Bayern will be able to maintain the level, the other clubs will have problems.

Do you feel an alienation from football, fans and thus also customers?

A lot comes together. Even before Corona, football was oversaturated. You could watch a game every day. I also found it strange that a new league was still being pulled out of the hat. In addition, many fans want to play football themselves and cannot. That means that we are also alienated on the active side. I’m excited to see how it all gets going again.

How do you consume soccer?

I’m trying to watch the 96 games. But beyond that, I don’t necessarily have to watch football.

96 is still looking for a successor – for which companies would the association be attractive?

It would be an advantage to be locally on site like us. If a company also has its focus on Germany, then that would be the perfect partner. Then Hannover 96 as a likeable brand or football in general is the means of choice.

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Arrived comfort zone Heinz von Heiden leaving jersey sponsor


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