Astra Zeneca is said to have hidden 29 million vaccine doses in Italy


According to a report in the Italian newspaper The print The British-Swedish pharmaceutical company Astra Zeneca is said to have kept 29 million doses of vaccine secret at a plant in Italy and intended to export them to the UK.

The cans at the Catalent Inc. plant in Anagni near Rome were found by the Italian authorities according to a report by the European Commission. Part of it is said to have been manufactured by the Astra subcontractor Halix in the Netherlands.

If this report is confirmed, that would be another scandal in the Astra Zeneca cause. Because so far the group has only delivered 30 million cans to the EU. And that instead of the 120 million vaccine doses originally targeted in the first quarter.

The relationship between the EU and Astra Zeneca is fundamentally tense: Tomorrow’s EU summit is on The EU Commission threatened export ban of Astra-Zeneca vaccines to Great Britain on the program. Ten million cans were exported to the UK – but nothing has come back so far. France and Italy are campaigning for such an export ban, but Germany’s Chancellor Angel Merkel is putting the brakes on.

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Astra Zeneca hidden million vaccine doses Italy


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