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Status: 16.03.2021 8:51 a.m.

Hamburg has also stopped corona vaccinations with the AstraZeneca vaccine until further notice. The social welfare authority wants to offer a replacement for agreed appointments.

In the Hanseatic city “very many” planned vaccinations are now affected, said Social Senator Melanie Leonhard (SPD) on Tuesday morning in an interview with NDR Info. By suspending the AstraZeneca vaccine, patience is now required, as the vaccination pace will “unfortunately be slower and tougher”. “We had planned 23,000 vaccinations with AstraZeneca for the coming weeks and made appointments for them.” She hope to be able to vaccinate all those who already have an appointment in the Hanseatic city with another vaccine from Wednesday. “We are making full use of the vaccination interval with another vaccine.”

However, it will not be possible to invite new vaccinees. Authority spokesman Martin Helfrich said on Monday: “The social welfare authority will inform publicly and those affected directly when replacement appointments can be made.”

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Suspended second vaccinations with AstraZeneca

If you have a first vaccination with AstraZeneca, you will not get a second vaccination with the vaccine, says Leonhard. Hamburg is following the recommendations of the Paul Ehrlich Institute, said the senator. However, in the last few weeks it has become clear that the first vaccination with AstraZeneca already offers good protection, at least against severe disease.

More than 45,000 first vaccinations with AstraZeneca

According to the social welfare authorities, there were around 45,400 first vaccinations with AstraZeneca in Hamburg up to and including March 14th, so there have not yet been any second vaccinations.

The federal government had previously stopped using the vaccine suspended due to a current recommendation from the Paul Ehrlich Institute. The background to this are reports of side effects. Among other things, there were reports of blood clots in connection with a corona vaccination with the preparation.

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) described the temporary suspension of the corona vaccinations as a “pure precautionary measure”. “We’re putting out to check,” he explained. The European Medicines Agency will decide whether and how the new findings will affect the approval of the vaccine.

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It is the task of politics to continue to promote trust in the vaccine, said the Hamburg Senator for Health on NDR Info. 5 min

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