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Status: March 31, 2021 00:10

AstraZeneca is only recommended to a limited extent for people under 60. Confidence in the vaccine is waning. Chancellor Merkel and Health Minister Spahn are trying to save what can be saved.

Von Daniel Pokraka,
ARD capital studio

The Chancellor was just missing another problem with vaccination. With your urgent appeal Anne Will Many Prime Ministers did not get through to more severity in the fight against Corona. The number of infections is increasing, as are the numbers of occupied intensive care beds in the hospitals, and the good weather is again allowing more people to flow outside in groups.

The last thing Angela Merkel needed in this situation was another loss of image for the AstraZeneca vaccine. Its reputation has been battered for weeks; first because of possible unsuitability for old people, then because of possible deaths after blood clots (thrombosis) in cerebral veins in connection with the vaccine.

Many potential vaccinates across Germany prefer to be vaccinated later than immediately with AstraZeneca. The recommendation made yesterday by the STIKO that the vaccine should only be used in people over the age of 60 is another blow to the vaccination campaign.

Press conference: Merkel and Spahn on the suspension of AstraZeneca vaccinations for under 60-year-olds

tagesschau24 9:00 p.m., March 30, 2021

Merkel cannot “talk away uncertainty”

Merkel knows that. Also, that she “cannot talk away the uncertainty,” she said the evening after her conversation with the Prime Minister and Health Minister Spahn. The had agreed with his ministerial colleagues from the countries on new rules for vaccination with AstraZeneca.

Merkel – that seems to be one of the messages of the joint appearance with Spahn – and the prime ministers support the innovations.

Armin Laschet, CDU, Prime Minister North Rhine-Westphalia, on the suspension of the AstraZeneca vaccine

Topics of the day 10:20 p.m., March 30, 2021

60-69 year olds are preferred in vaccination order

The federal and state governments make a virtue out of necessity. As of today, the federal states can have a group vaccinated with AstraZeneca that, according to the vaccination sequence, has not yet been given: 60-69 year-olds. A “pragmatic approach,” says Health Minister Spahn. Corona also represents “a higher risk” for people of this age group, and the vaccine from AstraZeneca is even better than BioNTech’s in some respects.

In return, under 60-year-olds who are eligible to vaccinate will only receive the vaccine from AstraZeneca under certain conditions: An individual risk analysis should take place, and – unlike before – generally not in a vaccination center, but in a doctor’s practice.

Second dose: see your doctor or wait

If you are under 60 and have already had a first vaccination with AstraZeneca, you have two options. You can either have the second dose vaccinated after an individual risk analysis in the doctor’s office or wait until the Standing Vaccination Committee has made a recommendation. Spahn: “The initial vaccination with its effectiveness will last at least until the beginning of May.”

Karl Lauterbach, SPD, on the importance of the suspension of the AstraZeneca vaccine for the German vaccination campaign

Topics of the day 10:25 p.m., March 30, 2021

New rules for vaccination with AstraZeneca, decided within a few hours – is that enough to restore confidence? The Chancellor hopes that clarity, information and transparency will ensure this. You have to do with new vaccines, you shouldn’t “sweep new knowledge under the carpet”, you have to listen to the experts – and change the rules, as before and now, if necessary.

Is that convincing? How many people between 60 and 69 will be given the AstraZeneca vaccine? The answer should come soon. As of today, the federal states can put the new vaccination rules into effect.

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AstraZeneca Vaccine Saving Saved


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