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Customers did not even take most of the “happy meals” with them –
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Since March 11th, a special gift has been included with the children’s menus from the fast food chain McDonald’s. Usually children can look forward to books, cuddly toys or toys in the Happy Meal, but currently there are Pokémon trading cards in the kids menu.

Pokémon cards in the happy meal

In the midst of the Pokémon hype, this not only attracts children to the fast food restaurants; Collectors buy menus to expand their card collection. In a McDonald’s branch in Saarland, the employees were amazed when young people placed a record order just to get as many of the trading cards as possible. Of the Saarland Broadcasting reported an invoice for 2544 euros for a total of 600 happy meals. With that, Pokémon fans got 3,000 of the limited-edition cards.

“Pokémon” fans are driving up the prices for trading cards

Of the Saarland Broadcasting writes that the young people probably saw the Pokémon cards as an investment, as the limited trading cards were individually up for auction on the Internet after the first day of the campaign. From their 2500-euro order, the Pokémon investors only took the cards, a few pallets of mineral water and a few fast-food menus with them. They left most of the food at the fast food restaurant.

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McDonalds young people buy fast food euros Panorama


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