At the age of 39: Singer Dan Sartain has died


The music world mourns one of its own. The American musician And Sartain was never assigned to any musical genre. The singer-songwriter dedicated himself to rockabilly, punk rock and blues and played different instruments such as guitar, bass, drums and piano. In 2007 the all-round talent went with the bands The White Stripes and The Hives on tour. But now fans, friends and family suddenly have to leave And saying goodbye: He passed away at the age of 39!

How People reported that the singer died last Saturday for reasons unknown. His family has now set up a website for him to raise funds for his funeral. And left us a lot of memories and music, but it left us much too early “, his family members expressed their grief in a public announcement. “As wonderful as his legacy is, he had no plans for the unspeakable,” said his loved ones, dismayed.

According to the news portal, the family has so far collected the equivalent of over 20,000 euros for the funeral of the 39-year-old. The single father also leaves behind a daughter named Audrey. The family is planning to continue the fundraising campaign in order to raise some money for his daughter, the family members said on the website.

Dan Sartain, Gitarrist
Dan Sartain, Musiker
And Sartain

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age Singer Dan Sartain died


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