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The new hype app is currently only available on iOS devices. Now the Clubhouse CEO gives Android owners hope.

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When you are inside, you can choose from various so-called rooms.

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There are no pictures or videos on Clubhouse, the new app is a pure audio platform.

There are no pictures or videos on Clubhouse, the new app is a pure audio platform.

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The new concept of Clubhouse works like a kind of podcast for participation.

The new concept of Clubhouse works like a kind of podcast for participation.

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  • Clubhouse is the hype app of the hour.

  • At the moment it is only available for iOS smartphones.

  • As the Clubhouse CEO has now confirmed, an Android app is in the works.

  • However, it could take until the summer for this to mature.

This year’s hype app is called Clubhouse. It is already being referred to as the next big social media platform and is attracting more and more users. The app is an audio platform on which you can listen to discussions live and take part in them. You can enter existing chat rooms or start rooms yourself. There is only one big catch: the app is currently only available for iOS smartphones.

According to the CEO and co-founder of Clubhouse, Paul Davison, that should change soon. As he announced this week via the app himself, his team is working “really hard” to develop the Android app and bring it to market as soon as possible. As things stand at the moment, this could already be the case this summer.

Without an invitation

With this announcement, Davison also questioned a second feature of the app: It is quite possible that in the future it will no longer be necessary to grant users access to the app with private invitations. Because today not all users who download Clubhouse can actually use the app. To make this possible, you have to receive a private invitation from another user.

Now, however, Davison says: “It will be extremely important that we open the platform to everyone.” The Android version of the app will play a major role in this. About a month ago it became known that Clubhouse had hired an Android developer. At that time, the first rumors of an upcoming Android app were loud. These have now been confirmed by Davidson’s statements.

The data protection of the Clubhouse app has been repeatedly criticized by experts. For example, it is problematic that users of the app have to grant access to their entire contact list if they want to invite their friends and acquaintances to the app. In addition, Clubhouse declares that it will collect a large amount of data about its users. This includes, for example, the telephone number, the devices with which the app is used and the behavior on the platform. Clubhouse leaves open how and for what purpose this data is ultimately used. The company also keeps the option of making recordings of conversations on the platform. The users themselves are not allowed to do this. The terms and conditions of the app simply state that you use the service at your own risk.

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