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Jellyfish horror on the Australian dream beach!

A 17-year-old teenager died in a hospital a week after being exposed to a box jellyfish. The boy had already come into contact with the animal on February 22nd while swimming on the Cape York headland (state of Queensland in the northeast of the country). Finally, the life support measures in the hospital were switched off.

Box jellyfish (also called sea wasps) are considered to be the most poisonous marine animals: their long nettles are studded with poisonous spines. Touching it can lead to paralysis, cardiac arrest and death.

The authorities warned after the incident: “We see both box jellyfish and other types of jellyfish that cause Irukandji syndrome in our waters.”

The warning from the authorities continued: “If you don’t have a protective suit and you know that jellyfish could be in the water, then just don’t go in.”
According to media reports, it is the first time in 15 years that a person has died in Australia from the sting of a box jellyfish.

Such signs warn of increased jellyfish danger on Australia’s beachesFoto: Loop Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The species of jellyfish scientifically known as “Chironex fleckeri” is extremely dangerous. The cnidarians are transparent, the shade is square. They are a major threat to bathing people on the North Queensland coast, especially in the warmer months. In coastal towns there are signs warning against swimming in the sea during the “stinging season”.

The sting of the dreaded jellyfish is immediately extremely painful. It is estimated that around 70 people have died from contact with large box jellyfish in Australia so far. A sting should not be treated with water, but with vinegar, they said.

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Australia poison jellyfish touches teenagers swimming dead News


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