Austria depots: purchase of Wolftank Adisa (depot comment)


Our wikifolio Stockpicking Austria DE000LS9BHW2 is: + 0.99% vs. last gabb, + 5.85% ytd, + 62.90% since the start of 2013. The wikifolio is the continuation of the real money activities that started on April 4th, 2002 with 10,000 euros and in 2013 were transferred to the wikifolio. Current status: 107.523 Euro, a Plus of 975.23 percent after expenses. The wikifolio is also the largest part of the Depots at, which is endowed with 50,000 euros for 2021 and mixes basic investments with special situations and hedge transactions. The current status is 51,731 euros.

designation Current exchange rate since purchase Market value
RAY from difference amount
Erste Group Bank AG Bonus ZT.2021 / 17.09.2021 TKA
7,140 EUR
26.03.21 09:25
72,00 EUR
7,21 %
1.071,00 EUR
150,000 PCS
Erste Group Bank AG Bonus ZT.2021 / 17.12.2021
17,460 EUR
26.03.21 09:25
52,80 EUR
5,31 %
1.047,60 EUR
60,000 PCS
Lang & Schwarz AG O.End 13(13/unl.) WFDRASTIL1
161,350 EUR
26.03.21 08:09
101,00 EUR
0,63 %
16.135,00 EUR
100,000 PCS
Lang & Schwarz AG O.End 20(20/unl.) WF000C050M
150,090 EUR
26.03.21 09:55
-53,52 EUR
-5,61 %
900,54 EUR
6,000 PCS
Raiffeisen Centrobank AG Bonus ZT.21 / 21.09.2022 RBI
16,200 EUR
26.03.21 09:15
99,40 EUR
9,61 %
1.134,00 EUR
70,000 PCS
Raiffeisen Centrobank AG Bonus ZT.21 / 23.03.2022 ATS
27,200 EUR
26.03.21 09:15
135,66 EUR
13,48 %
1.142,40 EUR
42,000 PCS
3,350 EUR
26.03.21 10:45
-162,00 EUR
-32,60 %
335,00 EUR
100,000 PCS, all of which were purchased for around 1000 euros (as it turned out depending on the course). Here, currently shows us the following performance Capital from: +8.01% or +3148,45 Euro. Soon there will be 41 values. The share of Wolftank Adisa is bought as the 41st PIR partner.

(The input from Christian Drastil for the of March 26th)


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1. Wolftank Adisa Holding: CEO Peter Werth, Credit: Wolftank Adisa, (© Sender) >> Open on

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Austria depots purchase Wolftank Adisa depot comment


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