Austrian Mint delivered almost 60 million euros to the National Bank in 2020 | 03/24/21


Münze Österreich AG transferred a good 59 million euros to the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB) in 2020, according to the balance sheet in the official gazette of the “Wiener Zeitung” (Wednesday edition).

After taxes, the OeNB subsidiary achieved a profit of EUR 65.6 million (2019: EUR 33.1 million). After the profit transfer to the OeNB, the allocation of retained earnings and the profit carried forward from the previous year, retained earnings of EUR 6.6 million (2019: EUR 3.7 million) remained.Business at the Austrian Mint was booming during the corona crisis. The pandemic has immensely increased the demand for gold coins and the like despite the high gold price.

For the mother, the OeNB, on the other hand, the fight against the economic effects of the corona crisis has really shown itself in the 2020 balance sheet. In the course of the expansive monetary policy measures on the part of the European Central Bank (ECB), the business result of the OeNB in ​​the previous year melted down to 10 million euros, as the central bank announced on Tuesday. In the previous year it was over 300 million euros.

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Austrian Mint delivered million euros National Bank


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