Baby surprise: ex-bachelor girl Nadine is pregnant


Nadine Illa (32) will soon be a mom! The brunette seemed to have little luck in love at first – there was no spark between her and hottie Andrej Mangold (34) at the Bachelor’s. In retrospect, there was a reason for this: A little later, the brunette met Stefan, the man of her dreams. Now a very special event crowns the couple’s love happiness: Nadine and Stefan are expecting their first child together!

On Instagram shared Nadine the good news with her fans and at the same time posted her first baby bump picture. The beauty expressed her joy with very special lines: “Mom and Dad are really looking forward to you.” Apparently white Nadine of her luck for some time: Under her dress there is already a clear bulge that can definitely be seen.

The joy of their fans is great. There are also prominent faces among the well-wishers – so summer house star Eva Benetatou (28) also conveyed her warmest congratulations: “Congratulations my sweetie! I’m so happy for you. I wish you a wonderful ball time.” The brunette is currently expecting offspring herself with her fiancĂ© Chris.

Nadine Illa with her partner Stefan
Andrej Mangold and Nadine Illa at “The Bachelor” 2019

Instagram / evanthiabenetatou

Chris Broy and Eva Benetatou

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Baby surprise exbachelor girl Nadine pregnant


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