Bachelor 2021: Niko admits breach of contract – consequences threaten


In the final, Niko Griesert served the candidate Michèle de Roos from Cologne. Before that, however, the Bachelor had met her secretly. That could cost him dearly now.

Cologne / North Rhine-Westphalia – Bachelor Niko Griesert (30) dropped the bomb last week: He and runner-up Michèle de Roos (27) also met illegally “offcam” during filming. What sounds like a romantic rascal prank could now have severe consequences. First reported picture.

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The Bachelor 2021: Niko Griesert had a secret meeting with finalist Michèle from Cologne

It was the excitement of this year’s Bachelor season that left most viewers (and even some viewers) amazed in front of the television: At the final on Wednesday (March 17), Bachelor Niko Griesert swapped finalist Stephie (25) for the Michèle from Cologne (North Rhine-Westphalia) who has already been rejected.

Before that, he had met her secretly and illegally during a break in filming – only to serve Michèle again in the final and give candidate Mimi (26) the very last rose.

Bachelor Niko and winner Mimi are no longer a couple after the final – is Michèle’s fault?

It is now clear: The relationship between Mimi and 2021 Bachelor Niko Griesert did not last long after the final flap. “It never led to a relationship,” said Mimi on Wednesday (March 24) in an interview with Frauke Ludowig at the big reunion between Bachelor and candidates on RTL.

According to some media reports, the reason for this should still be the bachelor’s strong feelings for Michèle, who came in second, which the IT project manager was unable to put aside even after the shooting was over.

The Bachelor 2021: Niko breaks the contract with RTL by secretly meeting with second-placed Michèle

What at first sounds like a fairy tale could quickly turn into a nightmare for Niko Griesert – at least financially. Because: The Bachelor is said to have violated his contract through his secret meeting with Michèle away from the cameras – although the shooting was not finished at the time. That reports picture citing contract details (more celebrity news from NRW on

Rule break number one: “The Bachelor is not allowed to write messages to other candidates while filming!”, Writes picture. Meetings away from the cameras are also not allowed – so that the audience can be close to the screen during every development. In addition, Niko Griesert was not allowed to use a cell phone during filming. How the Bachelor managed to contact Michèle is unknown.

The bachelor’s production team was “completely mad at me (by the way)” about the Heimlich campaign Nikos “, reported the bachelor Frauke Ludowig at the big” reunion “. But is that the only trouble?

Maybe not, because loud picture the violation of the rules can literally cost the Bachelor dearly. In the event of a violation of the rules set out in the contract, Niko Griesert should actually face a fine of up to 5,000 euros.

Niko Griesert is the Bachelor 2021: is he now with the runner-up Michèle from Cologne?

It is not clear whether the Bachelor actually has to pay the contractual penalty or whether RTL will turn a blind eye in this case. Apparently, the 30-year-old didn’t care about the risk: “For the first time we could talk off-cam. That was good for both of us. I also know that I risked a lot, “said the Osnabrück resident in the Bachelor” reunion “about the secret meeting with Michèle from Cologne.

Does Michèle emerge as the winner of the RTL show “Der Bachelor” despite being rejected twice?


By the way: As Niko Griesert and Michèle de Roos have now confirmed in several interviews, contrary to all rumors, they are currently not a couple. But: “I still really like her,” explains Bachelor Frauke Ludowig in an interview. And Michèle says: “I still have a little something left for him.” A meeting between the two is planned. It remains to be seen whether this will finally become more.

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Bachelor Niko admits breach contract consequences threaten


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