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There have never been so many errors and confusions with “Der Bachelor”. In the final, Niko Griesert brought back a candidate who had already been eliminated and then did not give her the last rose. After the broadcast, he made another decision.

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What a confusion of love. Niko Griesert caused a stir in the final. The 30-year-old swapped shortly before the last rose award two candidates. Instead of Stephie, the Bachelor preferred to take Michèle into the final. The last rose nevertheless went to Mimi. There was still no happy ending. In the big reunion show on Wednesday evening, Niko said that his emotional chaos was too big for a relationship. He still stands between two women not ready to choose one.

Is Niko with Michèle?

Now comes out: He has decided – and for Michèle. In an interview with Frauke Ludowig, Niko said after the reunion show: “I still really like her.” And the 27-year-old also admits: “I still have something for him.” But are the two of them together too? “No,” said Michèle. Not yet, because both can imagine a future together, as they emphasize in the video above.

They are already in close contact over the phone, but now they want to clarify the rest at face-to-face meetings. There is a lot of need to talk, but “I’m happy that she has forgiven me so much,” said Niko with relief. Michèle joked in the RTL interview: “But I have to let him fidget a bit.” That the two become a couple seems to be only a matter of time.

“I was just disappointed in myself in the end”

There were a lot of rumors, but that Michèle would really give Niko another chance could not be foreseen. After all, the 30-year-old had injured the young woman from Cologne pretty badly in the final. She also emphasized this when they met again on Wednesday. “I have to admit, I was pretty sure I would get the last rose. After what he risked to see me again. I was just disappointed in myself in the end,” she explained. You knew from the start that “it would be Mimi, I could feel his eyes”. In the end it turned out very differently.

Mimi and Niko: Are the two still a couple? (Source: TVNow)

Already during the season Niko worried with his indecision not only for the candidates and the TV audience for excitement. The production of the dome show must also probably left some nerves while shooting. During the filming, Niko contacted Michèle secretly, met with her without the knowledge of those responsible and above all without a camera.

“The production was rightly mad at me”

“For the first time we were able to talk without a camera. That was good for both of us,” the I recalledT project engineer when they meet again and also admits: “I know that I risked a lot and the production was rightly angry with me. But I knew that I wanted to see Michèle again.”

Mimi, who actually got the last rose from Niko, reacted hurt but also composed when they saw them again. So far, she has not commented on Niko and Michèle’s relationship.

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Bachelor Niko decided


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