“Bachelor”: Wrong love show when you see you again? This is how RTL is now reacting


The “Bachelor” reunion, which can already be seen on TVNow, still leaves some questions unanswered. Image: TVNow


“Bachelor” reunion did not show the whole truth – RTL wants to reveal more details

In the finale of “Bachelor”, Niko Griesert made a spectacular turn when he brought Michèle de Roos, who was actually already “outcast” back into the show, but then gave competitor Mimi the last rose. He even sent the original finalist Stephie home for Michèle. Rumor has it that the story does not end there, because: According to “Bild” information, Niko and Michèle actually became a couple after all the drama.

The reunion with Niko, Mimi, Michèle, Stephie, Linda and Hannah was supposed to shed some light on the darkness, but that only happened to a limited extent. The episode, which can be seen in advance on TVNow, does not deal with the latest rumors about Niko and Michèle – but RTL wants to go even further!

RTL wants to clear up chaos around Niko and Michèle

Watson checked with RTL and asked what the true relationship status of Niko and Michèle is now. At several points of the reunion Michèle sheds bitter tears and hardly anything in the show indicates a happy ending. The confusion is therefore maximal. But now the broadcaster told watson:

And that’s not all, because the next episode of “The Bachelor – The Podcast” will take up the matter again on Audio Now. So it means: Even after the TV reunion, the last word has by no means been spoken. Rather, the topic comes back on the table and we can look forward to further revelations.

“After the last rose” only revealed that Niko and Mimi did not become a couple after filming, but how things went on for Niko and Michèle after the last flap remains completely unclear. For many viewers this is of course extremely unsatisfactory, especially since the “Bild” reported that the two are now even shopping together.

Since RTL takes up the “Bachelor” again in several forms and formats, one can certainly hope for spectacular information. Otherwise, the fans would have been able to speculate desperately that Niko and Michèle would speak up again privately via social media.

After double “Bachelor” removal: Michèle posts an emotional statement

On Wednesday evening, a memorable “Bachelor” final took place on RTL: After Niko had actually sent Michèle home in the semifinals, he reversed his decision and got her back for the last show. Then at the decisive moment it was Mimi who received the rose. So Michèle had to take two serious setbacks within a short time because of Niko.

Many “Bachelor” fans now seem to be on Michèle’s side and condemn Nikos …

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