Back to the offices? Vortex at Linz AG


Because it says that the employees working at home should return to the offices for a week from Monday next week.

The reason: The home office has to be agreed every month, you want to use the coming week to talk to colleagues in the home office about further duty planning and then continue the home office, said General Director Erich Haider. There was never any talk of a general deviation from home office, Haider referred to media reports.

But on Friday afternoon Linz AG rowed back: The home office agreement with employees will continue “seamlessly” on Monday, March 29th, and nobody has to return to the office for a week. The reason for this: on Friday the National Council finally decided on the legal rules for home office, which are to apply retrospectively to employees from April 1st.

Haider criticized the fact that the statutory regulation for high-risk patients expired at the end of the month: “We hope for a new timing, but we will continue the existing agreements.” More than 50 employees are considered high-risk patients. Haider emphasizes the “very strict and well-functioning security concept” at Linz AG. (staro)


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