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Lewis Hamilton was almost four tenths short of Max Verstappen’s pole time in Bahrain qualifying. Nevertheless, Mercedes engineer Andrew Shovlin is hoping for opportunities in the first race of the season.

Max Verstappen’s pole time was a clear announcement: The Red Bull Racing star completed the 5.412 km long desert route from Bahrain in 1: 28.997 minutes and was almost four tenths faster than champion Lewis Hamilton, who finished second on the grid for first Race of the season has secured. His Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas, who took third place, was almost six tenths slower than the fast Dutchman from the Red Bull Racing team.

Nevertheless, Mercedes Motorsport Director Toto Wolff is expecting an exciting top fight. The Viennese explains: “We are very happy that there is a real fight at the top. This time there were six different teams in the top 10 and it’s clear that just being good won’t be enough this year. Last year under these regulations you have to give more, not only to beat Red Bull Racing, but also some of the other teams. That’s exactly what we needed! “

Mercedes engineer Andrew Shovlin is confident. He admits: “After the long runs on Friday, it is difficult to say how good our racing pace is compared to the other teams. On Friday we didn’t have the car in the right working window. “

The 47-year-old Brit added: “However, we are confident that we have been able to improve the grip at the rear. This should make it less difficult to drive in the race. We’re not on pole, but both of our cars are up front and we have an extra set of hard tires available. Hopefully that will give us a few chances. “

Bahrain GP on TV

Sunday March 28th
10.00 am: Sky Sport F1 – Qualifying compact
11.15 a.m .: Sky Sport F1 – Qualifying compact
12.30 p.m .: Sky Sport F1 – Ayrton Senna
14.00: Sky Sport F1 – Qualifying compact
2.45 pm: Sky Sport F1 – GP Confidential
15.15: Sky Sport F1 – Qualifying compact
3.30 p.m .: Sky Sport F1 – preliminary reports Grand Prix
3.30 p.m .: ServusTV – preliminary reports Grand Prix
4.20 p.m.: SRF two – preliminary reports Grand Prix, then the race
4:55 p.m.: Sky Sport F1 – start of GP reporting
4:55 p.m.: ServusTV – start of GP reporting
5pm: Start Grand Prix
6.45 p.m.: Sky Sport F1 – analyzes and interviews
19.05: ORF1 – Motorhome, Analysis Grand Prix
7.30 p.m .: Sky Sport F1 – Race press conference
8.30 p.m .: Sky Sport F1 – Grand Prix Repetition

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