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Your special day is also your last day at work!

Barbara Wussow will be 60 years old on Saturday. She spends her birthday filming on the ZDF “Traumschiff” in Bremerhaven.

Wussow to BILD: “I won’t be back home in Vienna until March 31st. I haven’t seen my family for two months. “

Her current best-known role: Barbara Wussow (left) as “Traumschiff” director Hanna Liebhold with Harald Schmidt, TV captain Florian Silbereisen, Daniel Morgenroth and Nick Wilder (from left to right)Photo: ZDF and Dirk Bartling

Then she can hug her husband, Albert Fortell (68), and their children, Nikolaus (23) and Johanna (15), whom they are not allowed to visit because of the Corona rules. “Finally seeing my loved ones again will be my best birthday present!”

The popular actress revealed BILD 6 wisdom for her 60th birthday.

Wussow about …

► Children: “You are the most important task in life. If I could turn back the wheel of time, I would not dance the wedding night away and fool it, but use it. I was 29 years. My husband wanted children right away, I didn’t yet. I had my son when I was 38 and my daughter when I was 44. In between I had three miscarriages and one great sadness. I would now like to be 50 with a 15-year-old daughter. When you become a mother late, you are constantly worried that you will stay healthy. ”

► Health: “I do every check-up and take care of myself. Fortunately, we have had a dog for two years that I take long walks with. “

Wussow has been married to colleague Albert Fortell for 30 years; they have a son, Nikolaus, and a daughter, Johanna

Wussow has been married to colleague Albert Fortell for 30 years; they have a son, Nikolaus, and a daughter, JohannaPhoto: ZDF and Martin Valentin Menke

Love: “My husband and I are meant to be together. Because we don’t see each other for a long time, we look forward to seeing each other again. ”

Marital crises: “You can compare it to aquaplaning. Either you hit the brakes and get out. Or you hold the steering wheel and try to brake slowly. I prefer the second variant. ”
their profession: “I wish my parents could see that I have become something after all. At that time you were strictly against my becoming an actress. “

Father Klausjürgen Wussow († 78,

Father Klausjürgen Wussow († 78, “Black Forest Clinic”) was strictly against Barbara becoming an actressFoto: picture-alliance / dpa

Strokes of fate: “My faith gave me strength in difficult moments. My parents died shortly after my two children were born. So they didn’t have grandparents. But I believe that I will see my parents again after death. ”

► Technology: “Even if it is useful – the most important thing is that you take time for each other.”

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