Barbara Wussow on aging: “The 60s don’t scare me”


Fortell sends a birthday message remotely via KURIER. “I wish both of us that, as we have managed to do it together in difficult and wonderful times over the past 38 years, as long as God gives us, the good times may outweigh the rest. I am very happy, that Barbara still exerts a great attraction on me, even if everyday life with its banalities reigns over and over again. May many great moments await us again. ”

By the way, the birthday child has absolutely no problem with age. “The 60s doesn’t scare me. No, but that of course you start to reminisce a bit in the 60s, because when I think back to being an actress since I was 21. Where have the years flown? And now I’m 60, that I can’t even imagine. My children are already that big and I really don’t feel like 60, but sometimes in the morning like 120, ”she says with a laugh in the KURIER interview.

“Getting up is very difficult because I’m tired or what I know. And then during the day I notice that I’m getting younger and better and better. I’m a night bird anyway. In the evening I feel right good. But I don’t quarrel with my age, not at all, ”says the actress.

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Barbara Wussow aging #60s dont scare


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