Battlefield 6 – Leak: Insider reveals how it should unite all parts


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Since there are still few official announcements for Battlefield 6, the speculations about the sixth part of the series are of course still sprouting like mushrooms. According to a new, adventurous leak, the next offshoot should even combine all previous Battlefield games. However, this leak should be treated with caution.

The information comes from the Reddit user bf6leaker. The credibility of the speaker is not disputed. Although a moderator of the subreddit confirmed that the leaker has a connection to the developers of DICE, the leaker itself did not provide any further evidence. So the entire rumor can turn out to be completely false.

Battlefield 6: Central hub for all previous Battlefield games

Rumor has it that Battlefield 6 could act as a single point of contact for all previous Battlefield games. The rumor goes even further: Players should also be able to mix their own servers with special settings from different titles in the series. One team is supposed to be able to use weapons and vehicles from Battlefield 1942, while the opposing team can use the weapons and tanks from Battlefield 3. However, the difficult question of balancing makes the rumor seem implausible. After all, Battlefield 3 offered a much more modern setting and thus technically more modern weapons and vehicles than Battlefield 1942. Whether developers could really manage the balancing would be a different matter. Maybe a mix of the settings and the equipment would only be limited to private servers.

Battlefield 6: Official presentation according to rumors as early as MayAccording to bf6leaker, Battlefield 6 should again offer a more destructible environment. Battlefield: Bad Company is supposed to be the godfather here. So there should be less of the widespread destruction called Levolution, which was shaped by Battlefield 4, but rather many small herds of chaos. Reddit user bf6leaker also states that a battle royale mode should be back on board. The general number of players is in fact said to be 128, which is supported by previous rumors.

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Battlefield Leak Insider reveals unite parts


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