“Bauer sucht Frau” star Anna Heiser: Nervous breakdown – “Because I felt fat and ugly”


More reality on Instagram? This is proven by “Bauer sucht Frau” star Anna Heiser with her current story, in which she reports on her recent nervous breakdown.

They have been for a few months Farmer is looking for a wife “-Stars Gerald (35) and Anna Heiser (30) parents of a young son. A special time that they both visibly enjoy. Anna lets her fans take part in her everyday life as a new mom via Instagram. It is particularly important for her that she shows the “unadorned” truth and not a perfect fantasy picture. This also applies to the current story that she shared on the net. In a few days the christening of your little darling is due and there is a lot to prepare for. There is no question that Anna would like to dress up for this special day. But that is precisely why Anna suffered a nervous breakdown!

What exactly happened, that Anna was completely exhausted with the nerves and she “felt fat and ugly”, you can see in the video above.

Anna Heiser loves being a mother

It’s simply the most beautiful with mom! Anna and Gerald’s little sparrow obviously thinks that too, because he has not wanted to be without his mother in the last few days. The little one suffered from sleeping problems and only came to rest in his mom’s arms. And of course she was only too happy to take care of her little husband with extra love.

These extra cuddling hours naturally made for more cute shots of the mother-son duo, which we show you in the video below.

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Bauer sucht Frau star Anna Heiser Nervous breakdown felt fat ugly


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