“Bauer sucht Frau” star Anna Heiser shares family photos: “3.180 grams of pure love”


Anna Heiser became a mother for the first time in January. Two months later there are two new snapshots of the family because their little son was having his big day.

Photo series with 19 pictures

“3.180 grams of pure love,” wrote Anna Heiser at the end of January about a photo that only shows the little feet of the newborn. With this snapshot, the former dome show candidate announced the birth of her son to her more than 100,000 fans on Instagram. In February Anna and Gerald surprised with new pictures of themselves and the little one.

Well, a month later, the couple has stepped up. The “Bauer sucht Frau” stars had their son baptized two months after he was born. The farmer and his wife recorded this with photos for their fans on Instagram. In the first picture you can see Anna holding her son in her arms. The native Polish wears a red dress. Her husband Gerald stands behind her, and the pastor in front of her strokes her son’s head.

The second snapshot – which you can see if you click on the picture to the right – shows the small family of three. Anna and Gerald are standing under a tree in the shade, her son is in her arms. Anna has covered the little one’s face with a heart emoji. The couple want to protect the child’s privacy. They didn’t even reveal the name.

You yourself are in the limelight with your private life. Anna and Gerald were the dream couple of the “Bauer sucht Frau” season from 2017. In the RTL dome show, the farmer from Namibia fell in love with the four years younger Polish woman from Germany. She followed him to Africa, he asked her the question of all questions. In 2018 the couple said yes. Three years later, the two are not only husband and wife, but also mom and dad.

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Bauer sucht Frau star Anna Heiser shares family photos grams pure love


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