Beach volleyball: Alexander Walkenhorst with a penis scandal


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The name Walkenhorst actually has a good reputation in beach volleyball. Kira Walkenhorst (30) won gold in 2016 in the sand of Rio together with Laura Ludwig (35). Brother Alexander Walkenhorst (32), also a beach volleyball player, caused a scandal with the cameras running.

  • Alexander Walkenhorst commented on the “German Beach Trophy” tournament
  • Beach volleyball player paints in women’s match break
  • Women’s team Victoria Bieneck and Isabel Schneider cancel the tournament

When the “German Beach Trophy” tournament was broadcast, the athlete and Dirk Funk (32) commented on the live streaming portal Twitch on March 20. Walkenhorst used an interruption in the game for a painting game with serious consequences.

Beach volleyball broadcast: Alexander Walkenhorst paints a “penis” picture

The Essen native drew something on the screen with the online platform’s painting function that could be interpreted as a penis without much imagination. At this moment also in the picture: The women’s team from Victoria Bieneck (30) and Isabel Schneider (29).

Commentator Alexander Walkenhorst painted an “airport tower” in the picture on March 20th during a game break at the “German Beach Trophy” tournament, in which the duo of Victoria Bieneck and Isabel Schneider could be seen.

Co-commentator Funk immediately tried to rule out the apparently obvious: “It would be a strange dick if it was supposed to be,” said Walkenhorst’s colleague.

Alexander Walkenhorst solves picture riddles: “Is it clear or not?”

He then felt compelled to try his hand at his work again. Attempt number two also left little room for interpretation.

The “harmless” resolution was then unexpected: “It’s clear,” the beach volleyball player began his explanation. The drawing is an “aircraft tower at the airport. Is it clear or not? “

Victoria Bieneck and Isabel Schneider cancel the German Beach Trophy tournament

A failed joke by the Olympic champion’s brother. And one with consequences: Bieneck and Schneider broke off their tournament participation after the match and did not play for the next game.

The duo spoke to TV broadcaster Sport1 of “personal reasons” that led to this decision, but added: “The events of the previous day were certainly decisive”.

German volleyball association criticizes Alexander Walkenhorst

But that’s not all: The German Volleyball Association also gave Walkenhorst’s “art lesson” a scolding. Such behavior does not correspond to the values ​​of the DVV.

After all: the athletes had meanwhile spoken to the commentator and then summed up that he had “admitted the mistake and assured us that it was inappropriate and will not repeat itself”. For the German champions of 2018, the topic was eaten. (bl)

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Beach volleyball Alexander Walkenhorst penis scandal


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