Beach volleyball players break off the tournament – because of the volleyball player’s “penis picture”


Victoria Bieneck and Isabel Schneider at the German Beach Trophy tournament in Düsseldorf. Bild: / BEAUTIFUL SPORTS/Kenny Beele

Vortex around “penis picture” by volleyball player Walkenhorst: beach volleyball players cancel the tournament

The volleyball player Alexander Walkenhorst is known for polarizing. This was also the case last weekend during the game of the top German beach volleyball team Victoria Bieneck and Isabel Schneider. The 32-year-old wanted to loosen up his moderation of the game with a tasteless joke, but that backfired.

How much and how momentous this action was – that is only now becoming clear. He himself speaks of an “unfortunate mishap”, reports “Sport1”. What happened?

At the match between Bieneck and Schneider against their opponents Christine Aulenbrock and Sandra Ferger, Walkenhorst was the Twitch presenter at the start. He and his colleague Dirk Funk entertained the audience with picture puzzles during a technical break.

Alexander Walkenhorst drew an ambiguous picture

Walkenhorst drew an outline in the shape of a penis over a scene in which Bieneck and Schneider were sitting and talking. Both the user and his co-commentator recognized the roughly drawn male genitals. “Very funny dick, if it’s supposed to be,” said Funk.

A screenshot from the Twitch livestream shows the ominous drawing. Foto: Twitch/TROPS4

The volleyball player solved his riddle: No, no, that was just an airport tower. The ambiguous drawing seemed to amuse Walkenhorst, even if it was right next to the heads of the two volleyball players.

Alexander Walkenhorst caused a scandal with a bad joke. Image: / Florian TREIBER

The team then terminates the tournament prematurely

Bieneck and Schneider, however, broke off the tournament prematurely after the game in question – the players gave “personal reasons” on Facebook.

Now it becomes clear: The “personal reasons” also had to do with the tasteless image of the penis.

Corresponding information from “Sport1” has now been confirmed by Bieneck and Schneider to the portal: “We did not play the game on Sunday for personal reasons. The events the day before were certainly decisive. “

The German volleyball association reprimanded Walkenhorst’s behavior

The players also shared: “For us, respect is a fundamental value in all situations and we wanted to distance ourselves from the actionthat touched us personally. We spoke to Alexander Walkenhorst. He admitted the mistake and assured us that it was inappropriate and will not repeat itself. “ That was the end of the matter for them.

The German volleyball association also condemned Walkenhorst’s behavior and announced that it did not correspond to the values ​​of the sport. The DVV told “Sport 1”: “Respect, the protection of personal dignity and personal rights should be part of the principles of everyday action. The game cancellation and the subsequent exchange between Victoria Bieneck / Isabel Schneider and Alexander Walkenhorst were the right ones Steps that make it clear that there is no room for such forms of expression in beach volleyball “

Walkenhorst puts it on silliness

Walkenhorst himself says that it was not his intention to offend anyone. “At no time was it our or my intention to inspire any fantasies or to express a lack of respect with the representation of male sexual characteristics, especially in connection with the players,” he commented on “Sport 1”.

His style as a moderator lives “on the humor and a certain silliness” and he insists on having only drawn one airport tower. “Users in the chat obviously wanted to misinterpret this because of a previous comment from another user and interpreted it as an erect penis. Unfortunately, at a time when the camera pan brought the two players into the picture.”

Walkenhorst apologized for his bad joke

There should not have been any negative comments during the game and the incident is said to have been quickly forgotten. Later, however, “a screenshot made the rounds in which the JPEG is titled as ‘Documentation of erect penis’, with which the interpretation frame is created before someone even opens the pic,” said Walkenhorst.

He confirms that he has clarified the matter with the two players and says: “We’re fine with them. They won’t let themselves be instrumentalized because of that. We don’t want to speculate about anyone else’s interest.”

His statement continues: “We are all doing the project out of passion for beach volleyball, this applies to both the athletes and our team. In our common spirit there is no room for any form of discrimination or sexism. However, if the impression was created or created by a third party, I regret it. ”


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