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Status: 23.03.2021 1:46 p.m.

Prime Minister Stephan Weil commented on the resolutions of the latest federal-state conference. The “hard shutdown” over Easter is inevitable from his point of view.

Weil has shown himself satisfied with the resolutions of the most recent Corona summit. On Monday they agreed on a “strategy” based on the “small and small” of the past in order to break the dynamics of the third corona wave. The aim is to be able to make such an offer in the summer of all people in Lower Saxony who want to be vaccinated. “I think the goal is realistic,” said Weil. Weil announced an expansion of test activities. In addition to schools, working life will also be included in the tests. In the medium term, up to 40 percent of the population should be tested. Weil was confident that there would be “more security through more tests”.

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The lockdown will generally be extended until April 18 and tightened at Easter. An overview of the resolutions and reactions from the north. more

Passengers traveling to Mallorca are at the check-in at Hannover-Langenhagen Airport.  © dpa-Bildfunk Photo: Moritz Frankenberg

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Health Minister Daniela Behrens (SPD) sits in front of a microphone.  © NDR
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Daniela Behrens (SPD), Lower Saxony's Minister of Health, speaks in the state parliament in Hanover.  © NDR
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Nursing home in Augustfehn from the outside.  © Nord-West-Media-TV
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Anke Pörksen (Lower Saxony government spokeswoman) at the crisis team's press conference.  © NDR
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Claudia Schröder from the Lower Saxony crisis team at the state press conference.  © NDR
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Daniela Behrens speaks at the Corona state press conference.  © NDR
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Bernd Althusmann (CDU) speaks in a video conference.  © State Chancellery Lower Saxony
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Government spokeswoman Anke Pörksen at the state press conference of the Lower Saxony Corona crisis team.  © NDR
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Claudia Schröder from the Corona crisis team in Lower Saxony speaks during the state press conference.  © ndr
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Beach baskets are on the Grimmershörner Bay green beach in Cuxhaven.  © picture alliance / Zoonar Photo: Jürgen Wackenhut

Prime Minister Weil does not want to impose a ban on Easter trips or curfews. More corona news in the live ticker. more

Several ampoules of AstraZeneca vaccine are lined up on a table.  © dpa-Bildfunk Photo: Nicolas Amer

Shops open despite a high incidence: this should be possible in selected cities from the end of March using test concepts. more

Samples for a PCR test are sorted by an employee in the Corona test center in Nordhorn.  © picture alliance / dpa |  Sina Schuldt Photo: Sina Schuldt

The nationwide incidence value hits the 96.8 mark. The State Health Office also reports 572 new infections. more

The virologist Prof. Christian Drosten and the virologist Prof. Sandra Ciesek (Montage) © picture alliance / dpa, University Hospital Frankfurt Photo: Christophe Gateau,

Here you will find all episodes broadcast so far for reading and listening to as well as a scientific glossary and much more. more

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