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Hormone build-up on the island of love …

Germany’s hottest dome show is slowly heading towards its finale. But with “Love Island” the masses are far from being sung. On day 17, a love triangle caused quite a stir. Before the big mating ceremony, there was another good flirtation. True to the motto: three is one too many.

Candidate Bianca (23) cannot choose between two six-packs. It has long since been dumped by Italo charmer Adriano (26). Because he had already clicked her: “I’m not sure if I’m the right one for you.” Bianca’s heart was broken, the couple broke up a little later.

Who does Bianca choose for “Love Island” – Paco (left) or Adriano?Photo: RTLZWEI

With tattoo fan Paco (25), the brunette dared a new attempt. But here, too, there was a lot of sand in the machine. The Islander had to admit: “I can’t talk about extreme feelings after just three days.” Her ex Adriano is not entirely innocent of this. “It always drives me crazy. No matter what he does. ”

Stupid that you can’t avoid each other on the island. Bianca’s newcomer had no idea of ​​the whole hormone confusion. He also escaped the attack of his loved ones flirting with others. When she left the bed, there was a more than clear encounter with Adriano.

While he was washing his hair in the bathroom, Bianca clapped him boldly on the bum. It didn’t bother the islander. But on the contrary. “I would say that my bottom is well trained. Maybe it looked inviting ”, Adriano guessed with a grin.

Meanwhile, Bianca shook her knees before the next mating ceremony. Because the fact is: If your secret crush can’t find a couple, they’ll fly off the island. She even feared: “In the end, I’ll be there and have to decide.”

The announcement by presenter Jana Ina Zarrella (44) also poured fuel on the fire. She informed the residents: “Today you have to choose the partner with whom you will go to the final. The partner with whom you want to win the 50,000 euros. ”Bianca’s decision was canceled by“ Love Island ”. But even the trailer for the next episode showed how all dams break with the candidate.

A choice between head or heart …

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