Bella Thorne: The Disney star got engaged


Former Disney star Bella Thorne got engaged. “She said YES,” wrote her friend Benjamin Mascolo about a photo of Thorne showing her ring. The two have been a couple for two years.

Bella Thorne (23, “Ride”) is engaged. The former Disney actress has accepted the application of her friend Benjamin Mascolo, as he announced on Saturday (March 20) via Instagram. “She said YES,” wrote the 27-year-old to a series of pictures showing the couple with the diamond ring and a deep kiss.

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In his Instagram story, Mascolo shared more excerpts from the special moment, including Thorne with tears in his eyes. The two have been a couple for around two years and are currently in front of the camera together for the film “Time Is Up”. Mascolo shared in his Instagram story on Sunday how he made the proposal: He wrote her a love letter on the back of her script. The actress is said to have read this when she was going through the text with the director.

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Bella Thorne Disney star engaged


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