Ben Becker: He’s worried about his daughter


    Ben Becker has been on a corona-related break for a year.  No job, no income.  But he is more concerned about his daughter's future.
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  <div class="article-content mb-5 mb-8 font-serif sm:text-lg leading-normal text-break"><p><span>He is considered the enfant terrible among German actors: Ben Becker (56), who has largely turned his back on television and shines on the theater stage.  But stage actors in particular had to accept severe setbacks last year and this year.  Because of the corona pandemic, art is dedicated to decay, engagements, appearances and jobs have been canceled.  Now the Bremen native reveals how his finances are - and why he is very worried about his daughter Lilith Becker (20).</span>

Melanie Müller (32) also hit Corona hard, but she doesn’t let herself get down. That Life goes on despite the crisis, especially with her son Matty, whom you can see in the video below.

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      <div class="article-content mb-5 mb-8 font-serif sm:text-lg leading-normal text-break"><h2><span>Corona pandemic: Ben Becker on his financial situation</span></h2>

“It’s tight, but I’m not completely broke yet. But when the going gets tough, I contact the scaffolding department. I’ve always liked physical work,” jokes Ben Becker in an interview with the “BamS”. But the situation is serious – he gave his last performance in March 2020 in Dresden. When the lockdown came, it hit him unexpectedly: “Suddenly the carpet is pulled from under your feet. That was tough. I would never have thought that this crisis would hit art and culture so hard in the land of poets and thinkers.”

      <div class="article-content mb-5 mb-8 font-serif sm:text-lg leading-normal text-break"><h2><span>"Generation is downright slowed down": Ben Becker worried about daughter Lilith</span></h2>

Becker, who is eager to finally go on tour with his stage programs “Der ewige Brunnen”, “Ich, Judas” and “Affe” in the summer, worries less about his own future than about that of his daughter Lilith. The generation of the twenty-year-olds “is literally slowed down”. As a father, Ben Becker asks himself: “What is being lost there? And when should the young people make up for this time? When I think of my beginnings, then I don’t want to miss this time. Being young also means trying out. The Nobody can foresee the consequences of homeschooling, the missing first kiss and the scuffle in the schoolyard. “