Berlin-based company Hellofresh is benefiting from the corona crisis


BerlinThe year 2020 could hardly have gone better for the Berlin company Hellofresh. While restaurants almost everywhere had to close and their kitchens for out-of-home sales were at best running in emergency mode, orders from hobby cooks eager to discover for self-cooking kits exploded at the company’s headquarters at Saarbrücker Straße 37 in Mitte. “People suddenly had a lot of time to try out new things,” says Hellofresh boss and founder Dominik Richter, who now runs a billion-dollar company.

In 2011, the start-up, which at the time was largely financed by Rocket Internet, set out to “revolutionize the way we eat” according to its own admission. In the slipstream of the ubiquitous TV cooking shows at the time, business administration graduates from the elite university WHU had developed a business model that was intended to offer young city couples in particular an alternative to the ready-made pizza they ordered and the frozen meal that was cooked in the microwave.

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Berlinbased company Hellofresh benefiting corona crisis


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