Berset on the test strategy: “The self-tests will be available in pharmacies from April 7th”


On Saturday morning, Minister of Health Alain Berset was a guest at the “Saturday broadcast” on SRF 1. An important topic in conversation with moderator Hans-Peter Künzi was the federal test strategy. The Federal Council had good news about this: “The self-tests will be available in pharmacies from April 7th.”

Every resident in Switzerland should be able to obtain five of these self-tests per month in pharmacies. At the beginning, however, Berset expects the self-tests to be short. “This is a difficult logistical exercise,” says the health minister. Nevertheless, he is optimistic: “After a short time it will start rolling and we will soon no longer have any shortages.”

The lay self-tests do not require unpleasant penetration into the back of the nose and throat. A swab from the front nose is enough. The stick with the smear is held in a liquid, a few drops of this liquid are then dripped onto a plate in which the test strip is located. As with a pregnancy test, the result will be visible on the strip after a waiting period of 15 minutes. The quick test shows whether there are antigens against corona in the body and whether there is an infection. If the result is positive, a PCR test must be carried out afterwards.

The self-tests and the ongoing vaccination campaign are important steps, according to Berset, so that loosening can soon be possible and normality can be returned to.

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