Better battery, cheaper cable: seven lawnmowers are “good”


Better battery, cheaper cable
Seven lawnmowers are “good”

There’s something to mowing the lawn. It brings the garden owner into contact with his land, takes place in the fresh air and ensures movement. Disadvantage: If you don’t feel like it, the well-tended green quickly turns into a meadow. Warentest has investigated whether the wilderness is better tackled with a battery or cable.
Spring is approaching, and at least you can still go into your own garden. In the virus-free idyll, the lawn also waits for a fresh cut. To ensure that this succeeds, garden owners can choose between a battery-powered lawn mower, models with a cable connection or a petrol engine. If you don’t feel like being outside, you can also have the robotic lawnmower done.

Let’s stay active. And think about the environment. So gasoline and robots are ruled out. Which brings us to the current investigation by Stiftung Warentest. Because she tested nine cordless lawnmowers, plus six devices with cables. The former are practical, and several of these models beat the best wired model in the lawnmower test. The downside: the cordless ones cost significantly more. Good lawnmowers with batteries are available from 320 euros, the good ones with cables for 149 euros. The mowers tested included models from Stihl, Einhell, Gardena and Wolf-Garten at prices between 80 and 470 euros. A total of seven lawnmowers scored “good”, two were “unsatisfactory”.

Battery wins, cable saves

All devices had to mow dry, damp and high lawns and prove the durability of their engines in the laboratory. In addition, there was a jogging track. With two cable models, the motor could not withstand the continuous load – note: “poor” (“Gardol GEM-E 153613 from Bauhaus and” GC-EM 1536 “from Einhell). With the” Gardena PowerMax 1400/34 “, a battery Mower, the handlebar broke off at the end – barely “sufficient.” Some lawnmowers also received a deduction in the safety checkpoint because they can tip over with a full grass catcher. The cutting widths ranged from 33 to 42 centimeters.


Einhell cordless lawnmower GE-CM 36 Li Kit Power X-Change (Li-Ion, 36 V, up to 350 m², 36 cm cutting width, 6-stage central cutting height adjustment, incl. 2 x 3.0 Ah batteries and 2 x charger )

299,99 € 349,95 €

to offer

In addition, the test showed that all cordless mowers were more durable and often mowed better than lawnmowers with cables. Almost all battery-operated rotary mowers have batteries with a capacity of 4 ampere hours, either two batteries with 18 volts each or one battery with 36 volts. Cordless mowers with short breaths create just 266 square meters of dry lawn on one charge, while efficient ones with the same battery capacity can create 400 square meters or more. There are also major differences in the charging time for a battery pack. The time span ranged from 36 to 258 minutes in the test.

The best cordless mower is the Einhell “GE-CM 36/36 Li” for 320 euros (“good”, 2.0). It mows dry, damp and high lawns well, is easy to operate and very robust. The second best, Al-Ko “42.9 Li” (“good”, 2.2) for 370 euros, mows just as well, but is more difficult to drive. If the batteries have to be replaced, it costs 140 euros for the test winner and 129 euros for the Al-Ko. The best cable mower is the Stihl “RME 235” (149 euros). It mows well, is easy to drive and also received an overall grade of “good” (2.3).

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