Bettina Jarasch: The self-censorship of the Greens


AWhen the Berlin Greens passed their program for the House of Representatives election on September 26 at their digital party conference on the third weekend in March after hours of discussion, a conversation should provide some variety. Country manager Werner Graf conducted an interview with the top candidate Bettina Jarasch. The private individual was more in demand. Although the Greens currently lead the polls in Berlin with 23 percent as the strongest party, the 52-year-old political scientist is not particularly well known in the capital. The audience should experience “something personal”: “What did you want to be before you wanted to become mayor?” Asked Graf. Jarasch laughed.

But if you want to listen to the answer on YouTube, you will see a warning in the video at hour 2.51.20: “At this point, a term was used in the conversation that is degrading towards members of indigenous population groups. We have therefore removed this part. We too are constantly learning and want to continue to work on questioning our own actions and speech in terms of discriminatory thought patterns. “

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Bettina Jarasch selfcensorship Greens


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