Biden condemns Georgia’s electoral reform as discrimination against African Americans


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Biden condemns Georgia’s electoral reform as discrimination against African Americans

U.S. President Joe Biden departs on travel to Delaware from the White House in Washington

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The new rules will make it more difficult to vote, especially for blacks. President Biden speaks of discrimination. At the federal level, his party is planning its own form of electoral law, which in turn will fight the Republicans tooth and nail.

US President Joe Biden has condemned an electoral reform passed in the US state of Georgia as discrimination against especially African-American voters. “It’s awful,” said Biden on Friday about the reform that Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp had put into effect the day before. The law runs “contrary to American values ​​in order to deprive voters of their voting rights”. “We have a moral and constitutional duty to act,” added the president.

The electoral reform implemented by the Republicans has limited the number of post boxes for ballot papers and their opening times in the southern state. In addition, identity checks for postal votes will be expanded. Republicans argue that the reform would make the elections safer and better protected from fraud.

The influential US civil rights organization ACLU said: “This law undermines our democracy and the political power of black voters.” Several organizations filed complaints against the reform. In Washington, Biden’s Democrats announced a law that would strengthen voting rights across the United States.

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The law, already approved in the House of Representatives, will also be voted on in the Senate, said the Democratic majority leader there, Chuck Schumer. However, it seems unlikely that the bill will be adopted in its current form. Biden called on the senators for approval. “Let the people vote,” he warned.

Biden’s victory in Georgia had contributed to his victory in the US presidential election in November. It was the first time in nearly three decades that a Democrat in the southern state secured the votes for entry into the White House. Because of the corona pandemic, the number of postal votes was particularly high.

In January, the victory of Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock in Georgia also ensured that the Democrats also have a majority in the US Senate.

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Biden’s adversary and predecessor Donald Trump has repeatedly spoken of electoral fraud in Georgia and other states without presenting evidence. On Friday, Trump wrote in a statement on electoral reform in Georgia: “Congratulations to Georgia”. The state has learned the lessons from the “farce” of the 2020 presidential election. “Too bad these changes weren’t made earlier!”

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Biden condemns Georgias electoral reform discrimination African Americans


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