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And the Oscar for Best Actress goes to … Meghan of Sussex!

For her role as the heroine of all disenfranchised, driven out by the evil, racist royals

Please add huge cheers here.


But seriously: do we accept Meghan that she never Googled Harry? That she “had no idea” what she was getting into when she married into the British royal family?

Meghan seemed implausible at times, her gestures rehearsed.


And then the thing with racism.

If you want to dishonor someone today, you have to blame him / her for something: racism. There is simply no more explosive charge. “She detonated an atomic bomb,” said a member of the Conservative Tories yesterday.
The royal family will never get rid of this sentence – “There has been speculation about the color of our child’s skin”.

And because that is so, it cannot be outdone in terms of baseness to bring such a reproach into the world – but then to leave it at allusions.

Whether the Royal, whose name neither Harry nor Meghan want to reveal, because “worried” that their baby might be “too dark”, Oprah asked.
Meghan’s downright perfidious answer: That was a “pretty safe assumption”.

Harry with son Archie in January 2020Foto: sussexroyal/instagram

Is that so?

Could the allegedly hostile whisper have been caused by the common question: “Will he come after the Vadder or the Mudder?”

It is even possible that a royal thought that a dark-skinned prince would be good for the modern image of the Windsors.

We all don’t know that. Not even Meghan!

Therefore: One “guess”, dear Meghan, is not enough to press the bright red button with the explosive charge “Racism”.


Is Meghan now shaking the monarchy?

Short answer: no. It has survived other crises.
But: It is good for every institution to be shaken up a little from time to time.

Even the Diana tragedy, as bad as it was for everyone involved, – in retrospect – made the royal family more modern, more human.

Perhaps the palace will even have to bring itself to an internal investigation into the subject of racism. That would be really modern.
In the end, I am sure that the crown will emerge stronger from the crisis. Does that also apply to Harry and Meghan?

I have my doubts.

What’s behind Harry and Meghan’s claims?

Perfectly staged drama.

The interview by Harry (36) and Meghan (39) with talk icon Oprah Winfrey (67) was full of emotions and violent allegations against the British royal family!

▶ ︎Which royal spoke about Archie’s skin color?

SHE SAYS: “To give this away would be very harmful to the people.”

THE TRUTH IS: On “This Morning” Oprah told Winfrey yesterday that Harry and Meghan did NOT mean Prince Philip (99) and the Queen (94). Only remaining: Prince Charles (72), Camilla (73), Duchess Catherine (39) and Prince William (38).

▶ ︎The Megxit

SHE SAYS: “That was not our intention.”

THE TRUTH IS: When Harry and Meghan didn’t get any support from the royal family because of Meghan’s suicidal thoughts (you: “I didn’t want to be alive anymore”), they made a conscious decision to get out and give up their duties.

▶ ︎No more personal protection according to Megxit

HE SAYS: “Personal protection has been withdrawn. I never thought that could happen. That was a shock! ”

THE TRUTH IS: If a royal no longer represents the crown, he no longer has any claim to the bodyguards that the crown provides.

▶ ︎No title

SHE SAYS: “They didn’t want him (Editor’s note: son Archie, 1) to become a prince. Archie is not a prince. He is therefore not given any personal protection. ”

THE TRUTH IS: Of the nine great-grandchildren, only William’s children have prince titles.

▶ ︎Zoff with Kate

SHE SAYS: “It was the other way around. Kate made me cry. It was my concern. ”

THE TRUTH: The dispute arose in the run-up to Harry and Meghan’s wedding in 2018. Nevertheless, it is certain that there were several disagreements between Harry, Meghan, William and Kate. Among other things, about the direction of their charity work.

Cordial relationship?  Meghan with Catherine on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in June 2018

Cordial relationship? Meghan with Catherine on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in June 2018Foto: Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

▶ ︎No help from Prince Charles

HE SAYS: “There is a lot of work to be done. I feel dropped because he (editor’s note: Prince Charles, 72) knows what pain feels like and has gone through something similar. ”

THE TRUTH: Charles tried long to mediate between the family and Meghan and Harry. Finally, he asked his son to write down his ideas in an email to get a clear vision of what he wanted.

▶ ︎No contact with the family anymore

SHE SAYS: “I lost my father (editor’s note: Thomas Markle senior, 76). I lost a baby. ”

THE TRUTH: Meghan’s half-brother Thomas Markle jr. to BILD: “Meghan has not lost her father. She gave up on him. She doesn’t talk to him. It’s sad that she treats him like that. “

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BILD analysis Harry Meghans scandal confession Royals


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