Billie Eilish breaks Instagram record – because of her hair color


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The musician Billie Eilish broke an Instagram record with a photo of her new hair color. The singer with currently almost 80 million followers posted a picture on Wednesday that shows her with completely blonde hair.

Posting took just 6 minutes for 1 million likes. Eilish breaks the record for a photo of Selena Gomez from 2018, as reported by the BBC.

Eilish wrote “pinch me” about the photo, which means “pinch me”. This suggests that the artist, who is otherwise known with dark hair and colored strands, has not quite got used to the look herself.

With around 17.5 million likes, the photo is also one of the most popular posts on the platform.

But there is still a lot missing in first place: There is still the world record egg with currently almost 55 million likes.

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Billie Eilish breaks Instagram record hair color


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