Biontech / Pfizer: EMA now allows vaccine to be stored at freezer temperatures



The corona vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer can now be stored at temperatures of -25 to -15 degrees. That was decided by the EU Medicines Agency. This makes storage much easier, especially at doctors and pharmacies.

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The vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer can now be stored for two weeks at -25 to -15 degrees.

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According to a decision by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the corona vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer can also be temporarily stored at less low temperatures in the future, which also makes it possible for family doctors to vaccinate them. As the EMA announced on Friday, the vaccine can be stored for up to two weeks at temperatures between minus 25 and minus 15 degrees and thus in standard pharmaceutical freezers in pharmacies, for example.

Until now, long-term storage in special freezers between minus 90 and minus 60 degrees was required for the vaccine, which prevented it from being used by general practitioners or in poor countries.

Biontech boss Ugur Sahin said the approval was an important step on the way to the goal of making the vaccine available to people around the world. It comes “at exactly the right time, as governments now have more flexibility to move from vaccinations in vaccination centers to a more decentralized distribution of vaccines by local doctors and general practitioners in order to accelerate our way out of the pandemic”.

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Biontech Pfizer EMA vaccine stored freezer temperatures


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