Biontech presents report: 270.5 million euros in sales with Covid vaccine – domestic policy


The vaccine manufacturer Biontech presented its annual report for 2020 on Tuesday. For the first time in its history, the company can report a profit!

Also read in the report: Biontech wants to produce up to 2.5 billion doses of its vaccine by the end of 2021 – 20 percent more than originally planned.

According to the company, the increase was mainly made possible by improved manufacturing processes, the new production facility in Marburg, the approval of the withdrawal of a sixth vaccine dose and the expansion of the manufacturer and supplier network.

Success in the pandemic: the Covid vaccine accounted for over half of Biontech’s sales in 2020!

►For the 2020 financial year, the company’s total sales are estimated at 482.3 million euros, compared to 108.6 million euros for the same period of the previous year.

►The net profit for 2020 was 15.2 million euros, according to Biontech, compared to 179.2 million euros net loss in the same period in the same period of the previous year.

►Total sales with the COVID-19 vaccine amounted to 270.5 million euros in 2020.

As the reason for the increase in total sales, Biontech cites the revenue from new collaboration agreements that the company has entered into for the development of a COVID-19 vaccine, which has been recorded for the first time

Positive news from the EMA

A few days ago there was also two positive news for Biontech:

►The European Medicines Agency (EMA) eased the conditions for transport and storage of the corona vaccine, which Biontech produces together with its US partner Pfizer.

►The EMA also officially approved the new Biontech plant in Marburg. This means that the first vaccines produced there can be transported to the Pfizer plant in Puurs, Belgium for filling in the next few days and, after final tests, delivered to the vaccination centers in the second half of April.

In the future, the Marburg plant should be able to produce up to a billion vaccine doses per year.

►Biontech and its partners had shipped more than 200 million doses of the corona vaccine worldwide by March 23.

For this year, Biontech and Pfizer said they have signed orders for more than 1.4 billion cans. “Talks about further deliveries are ongoing,” said the company.

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Biontech presents report million euros sales Covid vaccine domestic policy


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