Bitcoin gains – Musk: Tesla accepts cryptocurrency – Tesla shares weaker | 03/24/21


Bitcoin gained on Wednesday.

In the morning, the largest cryptocurrency by market share rose by around $ 2,000 to $ 56,250. The record high of just over $ 61,000, which was reached in mid-March, is still a good deal higher. Other digital currencies such as ether also rose in the middle of the week.

Since Wednesday, Tesla has also been accepting payments in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin when buying its electric cars. The option is initially available in the USA and is to be introduced in other countries during the course of the year, as company boss Elon Musk announced on Twitter. Tesla did not want to exchange the Bitcoin amounts received into traditional currencies, Musk emphasized. A few weeks ago, Tesla announced the purchase of Bitcoin for 1.5 billion dollars and also announced that it would soon accept payments in the digital currency.

Bitcoin payments at Tesla are a bit more cumbersome than just entering the credit card number. The prices on the Tesla website are still in dollars, and the buyer gets a converted bitcoin amount to pay within a certain time window. For example, on Wednesday, Tesla gave an approximate value of 0.0018376 Bitcoin for the order fee of $ 100 due for the order.

The carmaker expressly warns that the Bitcoin payment can be irretrievably lost if the wrong address is entered during the transfer. In addition, one should carefully check whether the amount is correct – “because Bitcoin payments cannot be reversed”. Bitcoin is the only digital currency accepted by Tesla.

The Bitcoin price rose by about $ 2,000 to $ 56,250 on Wednesday morning. The record high reached in mid-March is more than $ 61,000.

Musk’s tweets have often had a major impact on Bitcoin over the past few months. The billionaire is a technology fan and a big fan of digital currencies. His company has invested billions in the Internet currency, which was launched in 2008. Musk announced that customers outside the US will also be able to pay with Bitcoin during the course of the year.

In NASDAQ trading, Tesla shares are currently down 3.60 percent to $ 638.33.

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Bitcoin gains Musk Tesla accepts cryptocurrency Tesla shares weaker


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