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Blockade of the Suez Canal not the first accident of the “Ever Given”


It is the most expensive traffic jam in the world: over 200 ships are already stranded in front of the Suez Canal. The wrecked container ship “Ever Given” has been blocking the waterway since Tuesday – through which 12 percent of the global trade volume is handled. While the bill is getting more expensive by the hour, there is something else that makes those responsible in need of explanation: It is not the first time that the floating giant has maneuvered itself into negative headlines.

Before the blockade in the Suez Canal: Super freighter painted mega penis into the sea(00:29)

Two years ago the ship came dangerously close to the shore. In February 2019, the container giant rammed the passenger ferry “Finkenwerder” and a pier in Hamburg (D). Just because there were no passengers on board, there was no disaster. Pictures from that time show that the small passenger ship and the jetty were badly damaged in the collision: dented superstructures, broken panes, bent metal. One crew member of the ferry was slightly injured and two others suffered a shock. Property damage: one million euros.

Published: 03/27/2021, 9:11 a.m.

Last updated: 27.03.2021, 18 minutes ago

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Blockade Suez Canal accident


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