Bloody crackdown – Dozens dead in demonstrations in Burma – News


  • In Burma – also known as Myanmar – around 90 people were killed in nationwide demonstrations against the military.
  • The newspaper “Myanmar Now” cited information from 40 cities when it came to the number of 90 victims.
  • In contrast, the newspaper “The Irrawaddy” spoke of 59 deaths, including three children aged seven, ten and 13 years.

According to the United Nations, it is the “bloodiest day” since the coup in early February. “The violence is completely unacceptable and must stop immediately,” said a statement.

On the Army’s official memorial day, protests against the takeover of power broke out in large parts of the country, such as in the trading metropolis of Yangon, in the northern region of Mandalay and in southern Bago. Military members and police officers are said to have used live ammunition and targeted headshots against unarmed civilians.


An injured protester receives medical treatment in Yangon.


Among the victims in Yangon is a 21-year-old civilian who was allegedly helping out in his family’s tea shop when he was shot. This said a family member of the German press agency. According to estimates by the prisoners’ aid organization AAPP, almost 3,070 people have been arrested so far. At least 328 were killed.

The military had put a coup against the de facto head of government Aung San Suu Kyi at the beginning of February. The 75-year-old has been under house arrest since then and has been accused of various offenses by the judiciary. The protesters are calling for the restoration of Suu Kyi’s civilian government.

In a speech in the capital, Naypidaw, the Armed Forces Commander in Chief Min Aung Hlaing defended the military takeover as “inevitable” because the Suu Kyi government and its party were involved in “unlawful acts”. He promised to hold elections again, but without giving a date.

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Bloody crackdown Dozens dead demonstrations Burma News


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